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The Constitution of the Geothermal Research Society of Japan

(As amended November 19, 2005)

Article 1. This society is called :the Geothermal Research Society of Japan (hereinafter called the Society).

Article 2. The objectives of the Society are to promote the science and technology for the exploration, development and utilization of geothermal resources.

Article 3. The Society has its office in Tokyo. (Tel. +81-3-5307-1175, Fax+81-3-5307-1196). The Society may have Branches by the resolution of the Board of Trustees.


Article 4. The Society achieves the objectives by carrying out research activities, publishing scientific journals and other publications, organizing meetings and other conferences, granting membership, and conducing any other business which is necessary to attain the objectives of the Society.

Article 5. The fiscal year of the Society shall be from October 1st to the end of September.


Article 6. The membership shall consist of Regular Members, Corporate Members, and Honorary Members. The Regular Members shall be persons who have knowledge of, or experience in, geothermics. The Corporate Members shall be individuals, corporations, corporations or organizations which support the objectives of the Society. The Honorary Members shall be the Regular Members who have made great contributions to geothermics, or to management of the Society, with the agreement of the Members present at the General Business Meeting.

Article 7. A candidate for admission to the Society shall make application to the Board of Trustees on an approved form.

Article 8. A member who wishes to resign shall submit his or her resignation, which must be then approved by the Board of Trustees. In this case, the membership dues already paid shall not be returned.

Article 9. All the members shall receive copies of the journal, and can be present at the Business Meetings and any other conferences.

Article 10. The regular Members have the right to vote at the Business Meetings, and the right to vote and to be eligible for the election of the officers.

Article 11. Any member who has paid no dues for one year or more, or dishonored the Society, may be expelled by the resolution of the Board of Trustees.

Article 12. A member who is expelled from the Society cannot claim the refund of any dues already paid.


Article 13. Each member admitted to the Society shall pay dues in accordance with the type of membership before the beginning of every fiscal year: 5,000 Yen for each Regular Member, and 30,000 Yen for each unit of the Corporate Members.

Article 14. The Honorary Members shall not be required to pay dues. The Board of Trastees can decide the provision of reduction in dues payment.


Article 15. The Society shall be governed by the following officers: twenty five Trustees, including the President and the Vice-President, and two Supervisors.

Article 16. The tenure of the officers is a two year term, starting from the date of the General Business Meeting. The Officers can be reelected.

Article 17. The Trustees shall be elected by the Regular Members among the Regular Members. However, those who have served five terms successively at the time of voting and who are older than 65 years on the 1st of October in year of the election, shall be ineligible.

Article 18. The Board of Trustees shall elect from among its members the President, who then shall nominate the Vice-President and two Supervisors among the members. The President cannot be reelected more than two successive terms.

Article 19. The President shall represent the Society and preside over the Board of Trustees and the Business Meetings.

Article 20. The Vice-President shall assist the President. If, for any reason, the President is unable to perform his or her duties, the Vice-President shall act in the President's place.

Article 21. The trustees shall administer the Society's affairs.

Article 22. The Supervisors shall audit the accounts of the Society and report the results to the Business Meetings.

Article 23. A vacancy among the Trustees will be filled by the "runner-up". The successor's tenure of office shall be the unexpired portion of the term.

Article 24. The Society shall require the assistance of some Secretaries.

Article 25. The Secretaries shall be appointed by the President among the Regular Members.

Article 26. The tenure of the secretaries shall be the same as that of the Officers as defined in article 16.

Article 27. The Secretaries shall the trustees who transact the Society's affairs.


Article 28. The Business Meetings include the general Meeting and Special Business Meetings.

Article 29-30. Omitted in this translation.

Article 31. The announcement of the Business Meeting shall be made by the President at least 14 days before the date of the meeting.

Article 32. The Business Meetings cannot be held unless one tenth or more of the Regular Members are present. A Regular Member who delegate his or her vote to another member in writing shall be considered to be present.

Article 33. The business of the Business Meetings shall be passed by a majority of Regular Members present. In case of a tie, the chairman shall decide the issue.

Article 34. The General Business Meeting shall decide upon the Society's projects, the budget of the fiscal year, amendments to, or repeal of the Constitution, Election By- Laws, and other important matters.

Article 35. The preceding fiscal year's business report, and other matters which the Board of Trustees deems necessary must be approved at the General Business Meeting.

Article 36. The results of the election of the trustees and the President, and other matters which the Board of Trustees deems necessary must be reported at the General Business Meeting. of Trustees deems necessary must be reported at the General business Meeting.

Article 37. the Board of trustees shall consist of the President, the Vice-President, and the Trustees.

Article 38-43. Omitted in this translation.


Article 44. The Committees of the Society are: Editing Committee, Activities Committee, International Activities Committee, Honors and Awards Committee, Planning Committee, Public Information Committee, General Affairs Committee, Account Committee, and others.

Article 45. The Chairman and the members of each Committee shall be appointed by the President from the Regular Members.

Article 46. The Editing Committee shall be responsible for publishing the Journal of the Society.

Article 47. The Activities Committee shall be in charge of the Business Meetings and conferences.

Article 48. The International Activities Committee shall be responsible for contacting foreign research organizations.

Article 49. The Honors and Awards Committee shall be in charge of awarding honors on behalf of the Society.

Article 50. The Planning Committee shall be in charge of activities.

Article 51 The Public Information Committee shall be in charge of the Society's web site and public information program.

Article 52. The General Affairs Committee shall manage miscellaneous affairs and data collection.

Article 53. The Account Committee shall be responsible for accounting and finance.

Article 54. The President, if necessary, may set up other Committees by resolution of the Board of Trustees.


Article 55. The society can set up Technical Divisions for the purpose of advance and disseminate of the researches and technologies on specific fields. The matters of Technical Divisions are separately determined.